The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 17 Civ 6 Initial Thoughts, Mechs Vs Minions Playthrough and Everything Going Digital!

What a great episode we have for you today! Hex and Sugi finally talk about their baby Civilization 6 and Zack weeps in the corner with his Mac. A melting icetray game and turning a bad thing into a good thing at Essen. Tavern Masters and Rising 5 on Kickstarter. All three of us actually play Mechs Vs Minions before the podcast and give great detail into what we think about the game! Zack also ask Hex about his thoughs on Arcane Academy, Scythe and Viticulture. And as always stay thirsty for games my friends! Follow us on twitter: @thirstygamers_ Subscribe to us on Youtube: The Thirsty Gamers