The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 15 Year of the Aztecs, Spyfall 2 is an Expansion, and Cry Havoc

Zack, Hex, and Sugi talk about Spyfall 2 and we break down the new civilization in Imperial Settlers. It’s the year of the Aztecs and was this a reaction to Civilization 6? We get a weekly Loaded Dice update as it reaches the end on Kickstarter. Check out the video we did for Loaded Dice on our Youtube and please subscribe to get all of our videos on “The Thirsty Gamers” youtube page. Also, Zack finally gets Cry Havoc to the table…..oh man! Please subscribe to our podcast on Itunes. If you have any questions or comments please ask us on twiiter @thirstygamers_ And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!