GKR: Heavy Hitters by Weta Workshop is now on Kickstarter

Weta Workshop is a famous studio best known for their prop design in movies like the Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, and the upcoming movie Ghost in the Shell. But they’re also known for their collectible figures line as well. They finally decided to take it a step further and get into the board game industry.

Their first game titled GKR: Heavy Hitters which also stands for giant killer robots is now on Kickstarter. It has already funded in 4.5 hours of being launched. The production value is off the charts and this is another company outside of the board game realm like Riot Games that have brought a huge level of detail to their project.

This game is a tactical unique turn based style  game for 2-4 players which will put players in control of their heavy robot with three smaller support robots at their side. You have to maneuver your robots to take out the other player’s heavy or destroy the skyscrapers around the city by tagging them with advertisements. It’s mostly all about the cards as each player has their own deck which makes up your life points and actions in battle.

What I fine every interesting with this Kickstarter in the lower pledge ($100) is the core game with painted robot minis and the higher pledge ($150) is flat gray minis for people that would like to paint them. Usually its the other way around. You can find more information on the Kickstarter here.