Rambo: The Board Game Announced

Everything Epic has officially licensed the Rambo trilogy to start a new project “Rambo: The Board Game”. This title will officially hit Kickstarter in January of 2018. This project comes on the heels of announcing their other licensed property “Big Trouble in Little China: The Game” which we talked about on a previous podcast.

The game has legacy stye envelopes that go from mission to mission. You’ll also play as Rambo himself with other members of the Baker Team. Everything Epic has described this as a tactical miniatures game from 1-4 players. Also, I’m sure their will be a lot of action, but this game comes with a card fighting mechanic rather then dice-rolling. Which means more strategic planning then what you get on a dice face. Each team member will have their own abilities and with the legacy aspect there’s room for customizing your experience.

Keep up to date at www.RamboBoardGame.com for all the latest information.