The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 34 Gama Trade Show 2017 News, Stockpile, Euphoria

Let the convention season begin! The Gama Trade show was this past week and lots of news came out of there. This event is for publishers to show off their new product to retailers. We have big news from CMON announcing “A Song of  Ice and Fire” & Eric Lang becoming their head of game design. Plaid Hat announced “Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies”. Portal Games, also announcced “Detective”. There was much more that we rapid fired off as well. Sugi plays Stockpile and Zack plays Euphoria, a game that has been sitting in Hex’s collection that he’s never played. Support us on Patreon: Give us feedback on Twitter: @thirstygamers_ and you can chat with us on Discord by going to where you can fine all of our news, podcast, and reviews.

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The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 33 Atari Board Games, The Networks, Unfair

In this episode Zack and Hex take a look at IDW’s new announcment of bringing Atari games to the board game world starting with Centipede. Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti team up to announce a new secret role game called Secrets. Speaking of Eric Lang, we go into the one pledge level of Rising Sun and talk a little bit about early bird pledges. Zack plays a couple game as well. We go into a game that just released a print run called The Networks. He also played the popular Kickstarter Unfair and gives his thoughts about this theme park style game. Follow us on Twitter @thirstygamers_ and talk to us on our discord. You can find all of our social media and news at And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!


IDK & Atari Announcement: Click Here

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The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 32 Batman: The Board Game, New York Slice, & Colosseum

We’re back from Prototype Con and we get right into the swing of things. Zack starts off by talking about his midnight story to try to obtain a Nintendo Switch right after board game night. Hex also gives us insight on Horizon: Zero Dawn. Then we jump into a very exciting announcment from Monolith with them demoing off Batman: The Board Game. Weta Workshop has a Giant Killer Robot game on Kickstarter. Also, in the crowd funding game is a Jurrasic Park inspired board game called Dinosaur Island by Pandasaurus Games. And to finish off this Kickstarter heavy episode, Rising Sun is going to be live at 3p.m. today and we can’t wait! We make everyone hungry for pizza with New York Slice and we have mixed feelings on the reprint of Colosseum. You can leave us feed back on our twitter: @thirstygamers_ or chat with us on Discord. You can find the link at the top of our website Also, if you like what we do here and what to support us every dollar counts to making us better. We have a Patreon at And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!

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Dinosaur Island: Kickstarter

Batman: The Board Game Announced By Monolith

After coming off their huge successful Kickstarter with Conan, Monolith gets their biggest license property yet with Batman: The Board Game. The team behind the game was demoeing their newest project at Game Festival in Canne. Board Game Geek Snagged a picture on their twitter account of the demoed product.

Monolith also showed off their booth via their Facebook page. It shows off very stylized artwork and no shock that it says coming to Kickstarter. The people that back their games though better hope they have a more understanding for writing rulebooks. Conan was an amazing game and I would not be surprised if this funding goal goes past 4 million. Below are some pictures of the gorgeous miniatures as well.

GKR: Heavy Hitters by Weta Workshop is now on Kickstarter

Weta Workshop is a famous studio best known for their prop design in movies like the Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, and the upcoming movie Ghost in the Shell. But they’re also known for their collectible figures line as well. They finally decided to take it a step further and get into the board game industry.

Their first game titled GKR: Heavy Hitters which also stands for giant killer robots is now on Kickstarter. It has already funded in 4.5 hours of being launched. The production value is off the charts and this is another company outside of the board game realm like Riot Games that have brought a huge level of detail to their project.

This game is a tactical unique turn based style  game for 2-4 players which will put players in control of their heavy robot with three smaller support robots at their side. You have to maneuver your robots to take out the other player’s heavy or destroy the skyscrapers around the city by tagging them with advertisements. It’s mostly all about the cards as each player has their own deck which makes up your life points and actions in battle.

What I fine every interesting with this Kickstarter in the lower pledge ($100) is the core game with painted robot minis and the higher pledge ($150) is flat gray minis for people that would like to paint them. Usually its the other way around. You can find more information on the Kickstarter here.

Not One But Two Rick And Morty Games

Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network announced two Rick and Morty games for this year. They were previewed at the New York Toy Fair.

The first game is called Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park Game. It’s based on an episode of the same name in season one. The setting takes place in a homeless Santa’s body named Ruben. It turns out Rick makes a very profitably theme park in him but it’s being destroyed by the body’s diseases. It’s a 2-4 player tile laying game where you have to move rides and diseases around in order to stop them. But there will be bodily reaction cards that will cause the body to make negative events happen to the players. Ruben could live or die at the end which will change how the players are scored.

The Second game is called Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game which is based on the same episode name as well from season one (which is such a great episode). Lots and Lots of Ricks from different realities try to convict the real Rick of murder. This game uses the Cerberus Engine system based in other Cryptozoic games.

You can find more information on both games at Cryptozoic’s website here.

The Thirsty Gamers Podcast – Episode 31 Huge Thirsty Gamers Announcements, Codenames Disney & Marvel, New York 1901

This is the biggest episode for us because today we have some huge announcements! First we have our new website! All of our content will be going directly to that site but keep in mind it’s still in beta and the mobile version isn’t done yet but should be ready in the next couple of months. We also have a free Discord that all of our community members can get to. Chat about games and other things! We announced our Patreon that you can find on our website and I’ll post a link in the show notes. Any amount will go a long way for helping us grow and help give more media to you guys! Finally we have a limited Thirsty Gamers T-Shirt that will be going on sale for two weeks and we need 12 for a print run. Also, in the news the thimble leaves us. Codenames gets the Disney and Marvel treatment. Werewords takes a page out of the Insider game. Splendor gets it’s first expansion Cities of Splendor and T.I.M.E. Stories gets three new expansions! Zack gives his thoughts on New York 1901. You can comment on the episode through Twitter: @thirstygamers_ and our Discord And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!

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Project Raygun & Mondo Team Up to Bring You The Think: Infection at Outpost 31

Mondo is a popular site dedicated to bringing iconic pop culture movies, tv shows, and other icons through their brand and phenomenal artists. They’re manly known through their poster designs but they also have a line of apparel, figures, and other accessories.

They decided to team up with USAopoly’s newest division Project Raygun (which is an awesome name) to bring us John Carpenter’s The Thing as a board game titled, The Think: Infection at Outpost 31. This game is scheduled to be out this year as it takes players on a horror chase to find out who are infected in a social deduction style game. Project Raygun was at the New York City Toy Fair to show off their scheduled releases starting this Fall. You can check out the full post HERE  from Mondo’s website.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Box Reveals Details of This Season

Board Game Geek tweeted a picture to show the back of the box of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. This gives us a lot of details on what to expect from the game. As you can see it doesn’t look like the traditional board from previous Pandemics. You have been on remote “havens” to wait out the plague. But you have kept in contact with some of the major cities and now it seems like your going to take a team out to explore the last remains.

You’ll also be able to create your own character it looks like. You kind of do that a little bit with legacy games before but it would be a change to create it from the ground up. A lot of hype is in this game and I like the changes on the board from the traditional set up. We’ll see if the changes can make for some interesting gameplay.